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Homegrown Music Duo

Our sixth album will be out by the end of 2023.

Our fifth album ‘Yards’ is out there! Listen online for free or show us you like us by purchasing digital downloads or a mailed Compact Disc. See our Albums page.

Women’s Bodily Freedom is Under Attack…all profit from our 2019 abortion-rights song will currently be donated to organizations working to protect women’s rights to abortion. Any such advocacy groups are welcome to freely use our original song in any way that helps to further this cause including selling it themselves. The song ‘Dear Anti-Choicers’ can be freely previewed on our albums page.

Clay Babies play our original songs using guitars, bass, drums, fiddle, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, tenor banjo, 5-string Appalachian claw-hammer banjo, harmonica, our voices, and other instruments we like.

Our primary passion is to write songs, work on our new albums, and play the eclectic music we love to play. Our band is occasionally hirable as songwriters or to play live music.

singer-songwriters or just-songwriters in GA, US

(More About the Music Genres We Play)

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